About Us


Saharan Daze reflects the deep spiritual connection owner and founder, Freya Cheffers, has with the Moroccan land, its customs and its people.

A frequent visitor to this vibrant destination over the past decade, Freya has forged an incredible bond with locals of Berber, Arabian and European heritage who have opened both their hearts and homes to her and become lifelong friends.

She has haggled for hours with traditional traders in the bustling souks (marketplaces), sat alongside artisans and designers as they create their exquisite jewellery and homewares and learnt the secrets of authentic Moroccan cuisine from seasoned home cooks.

These unrivalled insights and interactions have been the catalyst for Freya to launch Saharan Daze – a selection of personally curated Moroccan experiences.

Whether you like to shop, cook, relax, indulge or travel, you’ll find something especially for you in the Saharan Daze offering.